Mr. Runner 2: The Masks is another helping of quirky fun.

As the follow-up to the wildly popular Mr. Runner Plus and original Mr. Runner, Mr. Runner 2: The Masks has a lot to live up to. It’s an infinite runner, but things are a bit different this time around — rather than working toward increasing speed and a stressful play environment, things slow down. You can change the speed of your sprint throughout the level, and this makes for some interesting gameplay tweaks players will undoubtedly enjoy. It’s telling that the Zing Games logo has a gamer sitting on the toilet — that’s likely where you’ll end up having the most fun with it.

Punchy, vivid graphics accompany Mr. Runner, who’s masked while moving forward through each level. Across verdant fields with blue skies and even shark-infested areas riddled with pizzas and other bizarre obstacles (yes, it’s one of those games) he’ll collect coins and avoid everything in his path. Once you’ve earned enough coins you can actually swap out the mask on Mr. Runner’s face for one of 54 other options, inspired by other popular games (Angry Birds, for one) and various pop culture references as clever surprises.

Nearly everything about the game is unique, from its WarioWare-like distance count to its sprint meter and control meter. Tapping to the left of the screen will get Mr. Runner to slow down in the event there are particularly frustrating obstacles, and tapping to the right will give him a burst of speed. Gold coins can be spent on revive potions and various power-ups to aid you in collecting coins, going further, and continuing a level after you die. With the abundance of content available to unlock, you’ll be relying on those restarts fairly often, especially if you’re sitting where Zing Games’ logo seems to insinuate you may be.

Mr. Runner 2: The Masks

The zaniness of the sound effects and the aesthetics combined are off-kilter in the most pleasant way, and there’s plenty for you to do, even if you exhausted the first couple of games. Weird sound bites, Duck Hunt cameos, and more make Mr. Runner 2: The Masks a worthy contender for your next App purchase, especially at its 99-cent price tag.