There are two very good reasons to grow your own vegetables. One, It’s satisfying to eat food that you’ve planted, raised, and picked yourself. Two, you can grow stupidly huge tomatoes and show them off to your neighbors. Even FarmVille 2 is set to grant you bragging rights with the County Fair, a new weekly event that lets players put their best crops on display.

Starting this week, FarmVille 2 players level 20 and above can travel to the County Fair (tractors, stick to the right lane). There, they can compare their foodstuffs side-by-side with their friends’. Players are awarded points and medals according to how well they grow their prized crops. At the end of the week, if they’ve done exceptional work compared to their pals, they can take home special bonuses and rewards.

If you’re a FarmVille 2 player, make sure you visit the fair. And if you see a grey spider suspended over a pig pen, don’t go smashing her with a fly swatter.