Help a tadpole survive the fish-eat-fish pond lifestyle in this stealth/puzzle title.

Mmm. Tadpoles. What? You don’t think tadpoles are delicious? What’s wrong with you, man? You’re dissing the popcorn of the sea! Here’s a quarter. Get on the next bus and go have your head examined. All right, all right—we’re joking. Tadpoles do make for nasty eating if you’re a human being, but things are different if you live in a pond. Tasty Tadpoles is an iOS game that puts you in the fins of a little tadpole. It’s a stark reminder that when you’re a baby frog, you’re on every fish’s menu.


Tasty Tadpoles is a casual puzzle game with stealth elements. You play as a little orange tadpole who is, frankly, adorable. You won’t have time to admire how cute your avatar is, however, because everybody is out to gulp you down. That includes turtles, beetles, and even cannibalistic green tadpoles. Gasp!

The game’s controls have been designed with iOS in mind. You use your finger to control your orange tadpole, meaning you have to know when to dart and when to hide. You can burrow under lily pads, and you can even slip under turtles—but don’t hang out for too long, or you’ll wind up as dinner. If the danger gets too thick, you can just call on an electric eel to zap everyone. Electric eels: Truly the Pikachus of the Sea.

Tasty Tadpoles     Tasty Tadpoles

Tasty Tadpoles is a work by Mark White, a former graphic designer for Firemint. Look for it on the App Store on May 2—but remember to roll up your pant legs before wading in.