Go for an endless, somewhat violent drive in Redline Rush

Fast, reckless driving is totally awesome (disclaimer: Always follow the rules of the road. And don’t forget to buckle up!). But wouldn’t it be even more awesome if you could drive on a road that stretches into forever and collect free money as you rip down the asphalt? Redline Rush by Dogbyte Games lets you live the dream with an endless driving game for iOS and Android.

In Redline Rush, you’re the pilot of a racy little sports car that’s hungry for speed—and breaking the rules. There are three tracks to choose from, and each one goes on forever. You simply need to keep going for as long as possible while dodging The Man.

Now, you can drive relatively sanely, but you’re already required to do that when you shuttle your grandmother to and from her swimming classes at the Y. The real object of Redline Rush is to tear yourself loose from society’s rigid rules, put the pedal to the medal, and smash up cars that have the gall to get in your way. Make sure you only side-swipe them, though; if you bash them head-on, you’re going to wreck.

Each course has coins that are just hanging out on the road. Finders keepers. Grab as many as you can and unlock some new cars, since you’ll probably be burning through your vehicles like a hot knife through wax.

Redline Rush

Redline Rush will be available on the App Store for $0.99, and will be free (with ad support) on Android. You can expect to go for a drive in May.