Whoever said that Hell hath no fury?”

It must not be a very cold day in Hell today, because Spicy Horse Games has lifted the lid on their next sizzling title. The game in question has been revealed to be a collectable card game and real-time strategy hybrid that’s set in the throes of the Underworld, and has the working title of Hell Invaders. We here at Gamezebo felt especially obligated to bring you this good news today, for fear that Spicy Horse would follow through on their press release promise to track us down and force us to listen to them sing the full 7:30 version of Meat Loaf’s “I Would Do Anything for Love” should we fail to spread the word.

Hell Invaders

Spicy Horse is no stranger to working with dark and twisted game worlds, as the studio has brought us such gems as Akaneiro: Demon Hunters and Crazy Fairies in the past. Hell Invaders looks to be no different, and the gorgeous early concept art shows a fiery army of frightening creatures rising up from the depths of Hell to battle head-to-head with a legion of ice monsters at the foot of a towering fortress. What’s unique about the card battling system of Hell Invaders is that instead of having two cards “fighting” on the table, you’ll actually get to watch 3D representations of the creatures on your cards duke it out on a virtual battlefield in real time. Players will still keep track of the actual cards in their deck, which they can use to add upgrades and swappable skills to make their demonic fighters really pack a hot and spicy punch.

Hell Invaders

From the first released screenshots of the game so far, we get a small glimpse of some of the frightening creatures we can expect to encounter in Hell Invaders: like Fomor, the mighty warrior with a unicorn’s head, or Balatzo, the creepy pile of brown goop on the floor with pointy spikes that cover his body. Different monster builds so far include melee and archer character types, and it appears that different elemental powers will also come into play. In addition to a deep and captivating single-player campaign, players can also battle their demon-loving friends in a multiplayer PVP arena. And for all of you more peaceful souls out there, “trading, card management and other social features provide ways to enjoy eternal damnation.” Hooray for damnation!

Hell Invaders is currently set for a tentative release in the fall of 2013, and will be available on PC, Mac, Linux and tablet platforms. We can expect to find out more information like the finalized title and the game’s publisher in the months down the road, unless, you know, all of that hellfire and brimstone stuff catches up to us first.