When Contra Evolution was first discovered, it was a China-exclusive iOS game that appeared, based on screenshots and gameplay videos, to be a remake of the first Contra. Understandably, many people began to wonder if the game would ever make its way to other regions. According to developer PunchBox, such a thing is in the cards.

Mind you, the announcement wasn’t made with an official press release or statement. Rather, it was a response to a question on their Facebook page, which I suppose is just as good. It was in Chinese (naturally), but a Touch Arcade forum member translated it:

“Yes, please wait until we finish the the next revision. It should be soon. There is a plan for a global release. Please watch our website.”

So, unless Google Translate is messing up really badly, it sounds like we can expect the game to release outside of China at some point. Furthermore, PunchBox appears to be gearing up to make a statement on the matter. Hopefully that happens sooner than later!


I have my concerns about how well a Contra game will play on a touch-screen interface, seeing as how they’re known for being tremendously difficult games. But it’s possible PunchBox has scaled the difficulty accordingly, or maybe even developed the best set of virtual controls ever. Anything’s possible.

We love ourselves some old school games, so you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be keeping an eye out for any announcements about Contra Evolution. In the meantime, here’s a picture of an amazing Contra sweater.