The tastiest of all the reptiles.

Zoologists know the chameleon as a color-changing lizard, while comic book fans recognize the Chameleon as a longtime thorn in the side of Spider-Man. Neither of them is quite like the CandyMeleon, a least when it comes to consuming quantities of sweets that would make a dentist cringe. Levelloop and Bulky Pix are about to give you a chance to put his appetite to good use when he makes his way to iPhones and iPads this May.

As luck would have it, the super long tongue of the CandyMeleon is the perfect accessory for fast but simple arcade-style gameplay. The idea is to help the titular lizard gobble down all of the candy flying through the air after his sabotage job on a nearby candy factory. Every piece of candy eaten produces money, which you’ll need for upgrades and new backgrounds. Other objects need to be avoided, like poisoned candy, piranhas and giant spiders.


And while evolution usually takes millions of years, enough money can allow you to instantly transform your CandyMeleon into one of several other species, like the GoldMeleon, PiranMeleon or NinjaMeleon. I’m not exactly sure what any of those are, but I can say that Darwin would be squealing in delight if he were still alive at the age of 204.

Facebook integration is on hand to help you connect with friends to compare achievements, exchange gifts and take part in weekly tournaments. A Time Attack Mode will challenge people who want to be anti-social instead, and the colorful graphics and playful feel of the whole thing look like they will appeal to a broad spectrum of mobile gamers.


The best part is that you won’t even have to worry about rotting your teeth out since the candy is, you know, not real. But rest assured that the CandyMeleon is very real, and he’s scheduled to hit the App Store on May 2.