Torrential downpours lead to static skies.

We all have those memorable games that made a lasting impression on us as gamers, and have always stuck with us through all the years since we first managed to find them. But what will be the platform-defining tablet epics that we will tell our own kids about one day? Well this is where Framebunker comes in: a newly-announced gaming studio based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, and founded by Unity Technologies co-founder Nicholas Francis and former Unity Creative Director Charles Hinshaw.

Francis stated in a press release that the overall goal behind the formation of Framebunker was to create a memorable tablet experience that will go on to achieve cult status, and that people will still want to play 20 years down the road: something which the studio feels is lacking in today’s current mobile games market. Framebunker’s first step towards beginning this mission is with their first announced title, Static Sky, which offers a gritty look at the tactical third-person shooter, and is set in a gloomy cyberpunk world.

The team behind Static Sky has a pretty ambitious list of influences to live up to with their game, and plans to offer a unique combination of proven gameplay mechanics and art styles. From the game’s official press release, “Static Sky mixes the gameplay mechanics of XCOM and Diablo, with the beautiful rendered rain swept cityscapes of Bladerunner and classic neo-noir fiction.” The first released screenshots show a dark and industrial world, where it seems to be constantly raining: almost as much as in the developer’s home of Copenhagen.

Static Sky

Inspired by the high-tech and low-life world of cyberpunk fiction narratives, Static Sky finds players at the helm of a remote operator working for the mysterious Corporation. But when the all-powerful Corporation turns on you, players will have no choice but to go rogue, and rebuild their squad to take on the game’s tactical and real-time action missions, while choosing to seek either redemption or retribution. While we’ve yet to see any actual gameplay footage from the upcoming release, the game’s visuals are sure to shock and awe, with Francis and Hinshaw’s past experience in working with the Unity game engine.

But one of the coolest features about Static Sky so far is that players will actually be able to hack and manipulate the underlying logic of the game, and essentially rewire the world to suit their own liking. Hinshaw promises that this unique aspect to the game is “something gamers have not experienced before in a tactical shooter,” and I certainly can’t say I’ve ever experienced that myself.

Static Sky is currently planned to rewire your tablet devices in early 2014, and you can bet on your rain boots that we’ll learn more about the ambitious and atmospheric cyberpunk adventure in the months going forward. In the meantime, you can log onto the Framebunker website for additional updates on the game’s development, or sign up for email alerts to be kept in the loop whenever something big is happening in the Static Sky camp.