In the real world, mice are basically the wild equivalent of popcorn. Owls, foxes, cats, and even some miserably giant species of spiders snack on the wee rodents to whet their appetites for juicier prey. In fiction, however, mice are a little better at standing up for themselves. Consider novels and comics like Redwall, Mice Templar, and Secret of NIMH. Now a brave little mouse is being given a chance to shine through an action adventure game called Ghost of a Tale­â€”provided said game is funded via Indiegogo.

Ghost of a Tale is planned for PC, though other platforms are possible if the campaign proves successful. The game stars a lute-carrying mouse who wanders around an island in search of an unknown person or object. There are obstacles in his way, specifically hordes of undead rats. It’s up to the player to discover what the mouse is looking for, and why the zombie-rats are hanging around.


Ghost of a Tale takes its inspiration from Zelda games, in addition to the likes of ICO and the Gothic series. Its impressive 3D visuals come courtesy of Lionel “Seith” Gallat, a supervising animator with several Dreamworks movies on his resume, including Prince of Egypt, Sinbad, and Road to El Dorado.

Looking to donate? For 10 euros (approximately $14 USD), you’ll get to see your name in the credits, plus you’ll receive an extended MP3 version of the alpha trailer’s music. 20 euros (approximately $27 USD) nets you a DRM-free copy of the game. 60 euros ($79 USD) gets you a set of color postcards from the game’s world, plus the other tiers’ prizes.


If you have a huge wad of bills burning a hole in your pocket, 350 euros ($460 USD) grabs you a detailed four-inch figurine of an undead rat (perfect conversation piece for when grandma comes over!). You’ll also receive prizes from the lower tiers.

Feeling mousey? Visit the Indiegogo page for Ghost of a Tale.

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