Safety is lost, go find Shelter.

I’ve lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere for most of my life, and as such, I’ve seen all sorts of wildlife come across my backyard: deer, foxes, turkeys, and yes, even bears. But the animals all come and go, and I’ve always wondered what happens to my woodland friends after they leave the safety of my backyard. For one thing, where do they go when it’s time to sleep at night, or when it starts to get cold?

Well that is where Shelter comes in, a new nature survival game that’s being developed by Might and Delight, the team behind last year’s dreamy puzzle-platformer Pid. In the game, you play as the mother of a litter of badger cubs, and are tasked with surviving the wilderness after your family is forced into unfamiliar terrain. I can honestly say that the calming and papery art style is something I’ve never seen before in a video game, and I’m not really sure how to even describe it, which is why I’m glad we have these gorgeous screenshots to look at! According to the Might and Delight’s official press release, the game’s serene presentation is meant to “pay homage to the great outdoors and all its imposing beauty.” However, even though the game world of Shelter is a decidedly beautiful place, there’s still plenty of danger from old Mother Nature to be found.

The game is already proving to be quite the ethereal and emotional experience, where there are no boss fights, no good or evil elements, and the core concept of survival and protecting your young forms the heart of this story. Our first glimpse of the game trailer highlights a wonderfully atmospheric soundtrack, with flowing waterfalls, chirping birds, and the adorable noises of a little family of badgers. Andreas Wangler, the lead level and game designer for Shelter adds to this tranquil sentiment, in saying “It’s our ambition to create an experience of immersion by making you feel exposed and vulnerable in the sometimes unforgiving hands of the wild.”


While we don’t quite know what style of gameplay is going to be predominately featured in Shelter just yet, the game is still on track to release for Windows and Mac platforms sometime in 2013. So maybe the next time I see a family of animals battling the elements outside of my window, I’ll invite them in and give them a nice warm blanket to curl up with instead. Well, except for maybe the bears.