It’s just you and your thinking cap in this sterile, hostile world conceived by digital artist Aliceffekt.

Graphics never trump tight gameplay as far as video games are concerned, but that’s not to say careful art direction can’t go a long way towards branding a game with an unforgettable atmosphere. Canadian digital artist Aliceffekt is currently at work on an iOS adventure game that slips the player into a haunting world courtesy of its stark black-and-white visuals.

Hiversaires is a point-and-click adventure game (well, technically, a point-and-tap adventure game) that Aliceffekt has been working on full-time for the past couple of months. The title presents a quiet, enigmatic world that resembles Myst and other adventure games of old. In other words, don’t expect any hand-holding as you stumble through Hiversaires’ corridors: You’re on your own.

In fact, there are no words to guide you through Hiversaires; there are only symbols, and they require intellect and keen observation to decode. That’s okay—as you crawl through the game frame-by-frame, you get the distinct impression that you’re not meant to rush towards a conclusion. Sometimes unraveling a mystery takes time. You might want to keep a pen and paper handy in order to map your way, however.


But Hiversaires‘ most striking feature is its monochromatic graphics, which Aliceffekt designed himself, in addition to the game’s code and music. The spartan halls make the player feel lonely, not to mention unsettled.

Hiversaires should be exactly what you need if you feel like you’ve been ingesting too many candy-colored offerings off the App Store lately. It’s coming to iOS soon.