Greetings, Internet dweller, and welcome to this week’s addition of New iOS Games Tonight. I hope you found the place okay, and more importantly, I hope our crazy neighbors didn’t throw rocks at your car on the way over. Who knew Amish people could be so violent?

In any case, it’s time to talk about the awesome lineup of games hitting the App Store later this evening. Be you a fan of dungeon exploration, mystery solving, or good old fashioned lumberjacking, you’re sure to find a title that caters to your interests. And if it just so happens that none of those things appeal to you, might we suggest going outside and playing a little tee ball?


Dungeon Hunter 4 – The first Dungeon Hunter game was released back in 2009, which makes it about a billion years old in App Store terms. It was a surprisingly solid dungeon crawler (especially for back then), and the second and third games – despite a few hiccups – were also pretty good. Here’s to hoping Dungeon Hunter 4 keeps that track record afloat.


Lumber Jacked – I’m really enjoying this recent trend of games featuring lumberjack protagonists. First there was the excellent Jack Lumber, and now there’s Lumber Jacked. But despite their mutual affinity for all things plaid and pancakes, the two are mechanically quite different. Where Jack Lumber was a Fruit Ninjaesque game about chopping wood, Lumber Jacked is a 2D platformer about a lumberjack who’s tired of a beaver named Bustin Beaver stealing all of his wood. As you can tell, it takes itself quite seriously.



Blue Toad Murder Files: A Touch of Mystery – The Blue Toad Murder Files, an episodic adventure game about -you guessed it—murder, was originally a PS3 exclusive. Since then it’s made its way to PC, and now it looks like iOS users will be given the chance to check it out. This particular release will feature the first three episodes of the series, and it seems fair to assume that later episodes will be released down the road.



Gemini Rue – Much like Blue Toad Murder Files, Gemini Rue is an adventure game that was previously available for PC. This new port will feature all of the same content as the original, but the controls have been tweaked to accommodate the touchscreen interface. If you missed it the first time around, here’s your chance to fix that.