Zynga gets ready to kick some butt with Battlestone

While the era of endless Zynga acquisitions has certainly slowed to a crawl in recent months, that doesn’t mean the big Z isn’t willing to snap up a good company when they see one.  Back in November (how perfectly timed!), the company announced the acquisition of November Software – a mobile games developer that, at that time of acquisition, had been working on a game called Golden Arrow.


The game has been given a new name and a fresh coat of paint, but at its heart, Battlestone is the same project that those anticipating Golden Arrow have been waiting for: an action RPG that can fit snuggly in your pocket or on your favorite tablet device.

Battlestone‘s studio CTO Szymon Swistun took to the Zynga blog today to shed some light on the project, giving players an idea of just how they’re making an action RPG game that’s accessible to casual and mobile audiences alike: “An intuitive control system anchors the game, where players can defeat enemies and bosses with a simple swipe of the finger. Selecting multiple targets strings together over-the-top attack combinations to fend off hordes of enemies.”

The game will also feature a number of tropes common to the genre, such as a variety of characters to choose from and upgradable heroes. “Players develop their gameplay strategy here,” says Swistun, “swapping out different heroes for just the right combat environment and opponents.”  Gamers will also be treated to a guild system and weekly PVP tournaments.


There’s no word yet on when the game will make its official release, though Swistun’s blog post bandies about terms like “it won’t be long,” so… fingers crossed.  There’s also no confirmation on platforms, though prior to acquisition November Software announced Golden Arrow as a game destined for both Android and iOS. 

If you’re an Android gamer in a select market you can get an early look at the game in beta by visiting Google Play.  Everyone else: sit tight and prepare for battle.