Guns? Flamethrowers? No. Only the power of Match-3 puzzles can stop the zombie invasion.

What’s worse than a zombie invasion? A zombie invasion that’s so thick and absolute that you need to say the word “zombie” three times just to reference it. So instead of, “Hey, did you know Ralph got his eyes sucked out on that last zombie invasion?” you would say, “Hey, did you know Ralph got all of his skin hoovered off in that last zombie zombie zombie wave? Oh shoot, here they come again—nice knowing you, I guess. By the way, I know you ate the last of our emergency Doritos stock. Yeah.”

Zombie Zombie Zombie for iOS—which can also be referred to as Zx3 if you’re worried that repeating the word “zombie” three times will summon one into being, like some kind of decomposing Bloody Mary—is a Match-3 game that involves clearing out another one of those pesky zombie apocalypses. We’ve already matched up gems, cute animals, and candy; presumably it’s time to remind the world that puzzles can’t all be smiles and sunshine.

 Zombie Zombie Zombie     Zombie Zombie Zombie

There are two ways to play Zx3: Story and Survival. In Story, you and your ragtag band of foragers work to escape the city. In Survival, you endure for as long as possible. Either way, matching up three or more zombies makes them disappear. If you can keep up your stamina against the waves of the undead, you’ll be okay. If not, you’re zombie food.

Everybody needs a little help surviving Armageddon, which is why Zx3 offers power-ups like rabid dogs and angry taxi drivers. Note: Rabid dogs are typically safer to handle than mad taxi drivers.

Sharpen your machete, because Zx3 is coming this summer.