Eden to Green is environmental warfare from the developers behind Gitaroo Man and Elite Beat Agents

Japanese game studio Inis has produced some of the best rhythm games in the genre, including Gitaroo Man for the PlayStation 2, Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS, and Lips for the Xbox 360. But sometimes you need to take a break from your favorite records. Inis is hanging up its mandolin long enough to make Eden to Green, a “tower offense” game for iOS and Android.

To play a tower offense game, you need to find the nearest spire and call it fat—just kidding. According to Inis’ chief creative officer, a tower offense game is different from a tower defense game in that you need to expand your territory as well as protect it.

Eden to Green

In fact, expansion is your key to success in Eden to Green, since your goal above all else is to gradually turn a cold, barren world into a rich green paradise. The more you manage to spread vegetation, the more energy you receive to sow better, stronger plants.

But on the other side of the battlefield are your enemies: Smoke-belching war machines that are keen on driving back the green and making the world black and oily once again. Can the power of plants stop them? They’d better.

Eden to Green

Eden to Green‘s action is turn-based rather than live (unlike most tower defense games), which gives casual players a chance to think over their actions. However, there’s plenty of challenge for midcore players, too. Eden to Green will receive a worldwide release soon (it’s currently available on the Canadian App Store and Google Play).