In the future, our fates will be determined by our social network status updates.

When you were young, someone might’ve told you that your personal worth can only be measured through your inward qualities. They might’ve told you that friends and popularity don’t matter, and that the content of your soul is what defines you as a human being. Well, the sooner you get all that saccharine nonsense out of your head, the sooner you can embrace the truth: Your Facebook friend count is what determines your value. Nothing more. It’s going to be like this in the far-flung future, too, so get used to it. Need proof? Take a look at Redshirt, which is coming soon for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Redshirt is a comedy sci-fi sim game that revolves around social networking in space. That’s right: Hundreds of years from now humankind will have mastered space travel, but the most important thing on our mind will still be sharing those precious moments when our cats get their faces stuck in used yogurt cups.


You play through Redshirt as the lowliest person on the crew. You seek to climb to a status more dignified than “mop-pusher,” but your way to the top isn’t through heroic deeds and going one step beyond. No, you need to navigate the social quagmire that is “Spacebook,” kiss a little digital butt, get wrapped up in online politics and garner “Likes” on your status updates. With a lot of luck and a little spam, you may find love and status with Spacebook’s help. Oh, and there’s a war going on beyond the space station’s walls, but that’s not important. Dog pictures are important.

Redshirt is coming soon.