These snowmen sure are looking a bit frosty.

Matt Rix has been a little quiet on the gaming front ever since he released the fantastic App Store hit Trainyard way back in 2010. But now Rix has teamed up with fellow Canadian developer Owen Goss of Landformer fame to start Milkbag Games, and the duo’s first release looks like a wintry mix of snow flurries and fun. Snow Siege is an exciting (and chilly) take on the real-time tower defense genre, with adorable 2D graphics and fluid animations to match.

The game has an amazing premise, which sets the stage for some truly awesome snowy warfare and packs some funny humor in there as well. You play as a young boy named Sam, who has set up a small snow cone stand to earn some extra change during the long winter months. However, Sam’s business endeavor seriously offends a bunch of local snowmen, who decide to “take matters into their own sticks” and declare an all-out war on the child. In the snowmen’s defense, I guess I might have been a little offended too if I came across some snowman selling human flesh cones by the side of the road. But that’s neither here nor there.

Snow Siege

Snow Siege will blend elements of tower defense, card collecting, and even a little bit of Tetris to provide a truly unique and snowy experience for mobile gamers. Players will collect cards and use their deck to build a powerful snow fort full of snow blocks, cannons, and heat-seeking missiles each night, in order to successfully defend the snowmen when they attack during the day. And trust me: you’re going to need every last one of those fortifications, because these snowmen are armed with rolling bombs, planes, helicopters, and even snow tanks. The catch is that each defensive card you add to your snow fort will need to be assembled much in the same way that you would in a game of Tetris. Players will also earn coins during each successive battle, which they can then use to buy new booster packs and acquire better cards for the next round of battle.

Snow Siege

The developers are hoping to have Snow Siege all ready for an App Store release in late May, so you can still have some wintry fun to get you through the summer. In the meantime, you can check out this lengthy developer hands-on video of Snow Siege, where you can see all those maniacal and vengeful snowmen in action. Man, I could really go for a snow cone right about now!