Castle, meet cannon.

When your peace-loving kingdom suddenly comes under attack, there’s only one thing left to do: man the cannon! I could say I came up with that line myself, but I’d be lying. Fact is, that comes straight from the trailer for Cannon Crasha, an action/strategy castle combat game that’s getting set to blast its way onto iOS devices in the not too distant future.

The brainchild of Gangogames and Fabraz, Cannon Crasha is one of those games that just looks like fun even before you know all the details. You’re in charge of defending the king’s castle, which does, in fact, have a big cannon. The enemy castle has one too, the better to blow chunks out of each other’s walls. You’ll also have troops to send out, and it appears there will be plenty of offensive and defensive options.

A campaign mode with 40 levels spread over four different environments (including fire, ice and desert, by the looks of it) is the centerpiece, with the story unfolding via comic-style cutscenes. Beat that and 40 more levels await in hardcore mode, so it’s a good thing you can earn two types of in-game currency to upgrade your skills and special abilities. Special skins will also be for sale, because looking good means playing good.

Cannon Crasha

But wait, there’s more! Three other game modes add depth to solo play, and if you’ve got a bluetooth-enabled device, you can challenge a friend with local multiplayer. If you’d rather rewind to the days when multiplayer meant you had to physically be sitting next to someone, you’re in luck, because there’s even a special tutorial mode that allows two people to play on one device. Back in my day, we had to do that all the time (get off my lawn, etc.).

So to sum up, Cannon Crasha has cannons, castles, depth, sharing, a sense of humor, and probably a few surprises on top of all that. The developers are only saying that it is coming to iPhone and iPad “soon,” so keep your eyes peeled and your cannonballs ready.