Customize your own plane and then race it against other hotdoggers in Ace Flyer.

Killjoys everywhere agree that planes are not to be used for horsing around. They’ll tell you that planes are solemn, serious machines that should never, ever serve any function except to get passengers safely from Point A to Point B. Resolve Digital is ready to say “to heck with that.” Ace Flyer, an air-racing game for iOS, slaps some racing stripes on some small aircrafts and encourages you to blitz your friends in the wild blue yonder.

Ace Flyer

Ace Flyer utilizes a passel of tiny planes that are capable of slipping through the sky with the speed of a goshawk. But the problem with racing through the sky is that there simply aren’t enough opportunities to wreck yourself against an immovable object. That’s why Ace Flyer‘s race courses twist through caves, buildings, and other obstacles.

Solo races are kind of sad on any terrain, but don’t worry: With Ace Flyer,  you can race in turn-based multiplayer matches with your pals, or against random opponents. That means you can see your friends as you race against them and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Ace Flyer

You need every edge you can get if you want to dominate the skies, and thankfully Ace Flyer lets you upgrade your craft. You can fine tune your engine, props, fuselage, and take other steps to build up your plane from a flying lawnmower to a queen of the wild blue yonder.


Ace Flyer comes to iOS this summer. Perfect flying weather.