Dragons and MOBA’s and Facebook, oh my!

MOBAs are getting a lot of attention these days, which isn’t surprising when you consider that by some measures, League of Legends is the most popular game in the world. Really new ideas in the genre are still somewhat scarce, however, which is why Dragons and Titans caught our attention. Picture 5v5 battles right in your browser window, except every player is riding a dragon. Oh, and it’s releasing on the Zynga network. Wait, what?

It might sound like an unusual mix of elements, but it’s all true. New studio Wyrmbyte has been assembling its new project in relative secrecy, dreaming up a way to bring a new, full-featured multiplayer experience to players that will help raise the bar on browser games. Dragons and Titans is being built in Unity so it can run most anywhere, and since a MOBA needs a community like plants need water, partnering with Zynga for the initial Facebook release only makes sense.

Wyrmbyte founder and president Scott Brown has over two decades of experience working on titles like LEGO Universe, and he saw the dearth of real-time multiplayer browser games with high production values as a niche just waiting to be filled. The launch trailer shows off smooth, fluid graphics, and the details of the game look very promising. Each player will choose from 17 dragons and 16 weapons to create a champion for the 5v5 clashes. Winning means working together to free your captured titan, as well as invading the other team’s territory to destroy its titan.

Dragons and Titans

New skills and abilities can be unlocked during the fray to provide more options. And using specific dragons and weapons more often can level them up, allowing players to master the style that suits them best. The creators are shooting for weekly content updates, and it appears they have a plan for tackling the intimidation factor that can scare people away from trying MOBAs by including solo and co-op modes as well.

Could this be one of the games that helps slay the dragon (or titan, if you prefer) of anti-browser game bias? We’ll find out soon enough, as Wyrmbyte is aiming for a late April launch with Zynga before taking the game to iOS and Android down the road. If you can’t want to pick out your dragon, you can sign up for information on the beta here.