The card collecting genre gets animated and adorable in Deck War.

Indie developer KlickTock, the maker of Little Things Forever and ZONR, has tipped their hand on their upcoming infusion of sugary cuteness and addicting gameplay: a collectable battling card game called Deck War. The game’s only been in development for a mere six weeks so far, but KlickTock has already made a playable prototype that’s being shown by the developer this week at GDC.

Deck War

Fans of KlickTock’s previous object finding game Little Things Forever will recognize the bright and sunny cartoon art style almost immediately here in Deck War, but with tons more mobility, and even quirkier charm. As it stands there are currently five different locations for you to battle through: each of which features its own set of unique and environment-specific enemies. From the Desert, to the Swamp, and even the Sky Islands, there’s no telling what kinds of imaginative creatures you’ll come across in this game.

Deck War starts out with an empty playing field, and a line of 7 playing cards at the bottom of your screen. Each card features an adorable little creature (or creatures) to assist you in battle, like the Murky Medic, the Lizard Wrangler, and my personal favorite, the Battack! When you place a card down, the creature depicted on it actually comes to life, and starts barging towards the other end of the field and lashing out at anything that gets in its path. The strategy comes into play in deciding which row of the battle plane to place your cards, and staying mindful of the longer spawn times for some of the bigger fighters, like The Bad Dude.

Deck War

In the game’s final build, it’s suggested that Deck War will feature a heavy card collecting aspect, so you’ll most likely only be able to choose from cards you’ve already unlocked by winning other battles. I actually had to remind myself that this was still a card game at heart while I was playing the prototype, because the combat moves so quickly, and everything about the game board is just so lively and fun. It doesn’t take long for the entire field to be covered with clashing monsters, all squaring off in the center of the screen, and tiny arrows and eggs flying every which way.

In speaking with Touch Arcade at GDC, Matthew Hall of KlickTock revealed that he’s been toying around with a multiplayer mode for Deck War as well, in which players will be able to raid opposing players’ decks as they build up their own deck’s defenses. There’s no word yet on what platforms the game is expected to appear on, but judging from KlickTock’s publishing history, the iOS App Store might be a pretty safe bet. Hall anticipates another 6 months of development for KlickTock to finish the game, so if all goes according to plan, we might see Deck War release by the end of 2013.