Mittens is a kitten with which you’ll be smitten

If we were to make a short list of the best mobile physics puzzlers, Disney’s Where’s My Water? would be right up there with Angry Birds and Cut the Rope.  It’s just that good.  And while we’ve enjoyed its many content updates and spin-offs (what Phineas and Ferb fan doesn’t love Where’s My Perry?), there’s one question that’s yet to be answered: could Disney do it again?

With their latest game announcement, it looks like we’re going to find out.

Mittens is an upcoming physics puzzler from the House of Mouse that will put players in charge of guiding a cute little kitten to his lost red balloon.  At least, we think that’s what happens.  Disney is staying quiet on the details, but the teaser trailer shares up enough gameplay that we can safely make some educated guesses. 

It appears as though you’ll control the environment around the kitty through taps (you’ll see such taps on the tummy of an ape, and on a bird that’s carrying Mittens).  Could this be a game that’s all about manipulating the environment to guide Mittens to safety?  With almost no real information to go on, we’re going to give that theory a hearty “sure, why not?”  That said, there are also times when Mittens jumps without an environmental cue, so… maybe you can tap to make him jump as well? 

Gah!  Speculation is difficult.

Regardless of how it plays, we can at least speak with confidence on how it looks.  As expected, Disney seems to have crafted an adorable animated world full of charm and whimsy.  It’s too early to know if players will be as smitten with Mittens as they are with Swampy, but if they’re not, I’m sure it won’t be for lack of trying on Disney’s part.

Zero details beyond the video are available, but at the very least we’ve been told it’s “coming soon!”  In the meantime, I’m going to go and put Disney’s Bolt on repeat so I can pretend this is a game about that Mittens.