If you’ve had even the teensiest bit of jealousy in your heart about all of the lucky folks who’ve been at GDC all week, it’s time to let that go.  Why?  Because tonight you’ll be able to download a bevy of great new iOS games, while they won’t even have a chance to think about playing something for fun until the weekend.

There are plenty of possible winners in the mix tonight, though I feel it’s my duty to call special attention to Nimble Quest.  It’s the latest game from NimbleBit, and having had a chance to play around with it in pre-release, it ‘s safe to say they’ve got another winner on their hands.  Of course, you’ll be able to know for sure when we deliver our final verdict in tomorrow’s review.


Nimble Quest – NimbleBit has seen a lot of success with simulation games like Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes, so it only stands to reason that their next game would be a take on Nokia-era cell phone classic Snake. …wait, what?


Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet – After a slight delay, the brand new tablet-friendly take on Magicka is hitting the App Store tonight.  What’s it like?  Find out in our full review tomorrow morning!


Hell Quest: Tears of God – Love Farkle?  Sure it’s better than Yahtzee, but isn’t it a little too friendly a game? Liven it up with some demons and monsters in the first free-to-play game published under the Forest Moon Games label.



Final Fantasy V – Let’s file this one under maybe coming tonight.  There’s been some buzz about the possibility of this hitting iOS sooner rather than later, and FFV arrived in the New Zealand App Store earlier today, which is usually an indicator that a game will be arriving everywhere else later in the same evening.  That said, SquareEnix hasn’t announced anything, so let’s we can’t say 100% for sure.  Fingers crossed, RPG fans!