Those wizard robes have never looked more battle-worn!

Go fetch your finest wizard robe out of your closet, because it’s never been a better time to be a Magicka fan. Not only do we have the hugely anticipated mobile adventure Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet finally releasing this week after a minor delay, but another new game set in the Magicka universe has also just been announced. The game in question is called Magicka: Wizard Wars and it’s gearing up to bring the cooperative aspects of the Magicka series onto a competitive multiplayer field. The game is being developed by a new studio within Paradox Interactive called Paradox North, as opposed to the creators of the original Magicka, Arrowhead Game Studios.

An announcement trailer was launched earlier this week alongside the game’s official website, which features real live robe-wearing actors bickering among themselves in a snowy valley as a gang of enemy wizards quickly closes in. You’ll be happy to know that the wonderful humor of the Magicka series is also back in full force, with a hysterical and not-so-tongue-in-cheek “The Game of Robes” parody for George R. R. Martin fans. Even though we haven’t seen what the actual gameplay footage looks like just yet, I’d take a guess that the graphics will be more in line with the traditional Magicka titles, rather than the cartoony approach used for Wizards of the Square Tablet.

The details surrounding Magicka: Wizard Wars are still pretty scarce right now, but here’s what we do know: the game will focus on a Player-versus-Player multiplayer format, in which two teams of four will battle for control over an area using hundreds of wacky spell combos and A.I. goblin minions. In each 5-minute round, three objectives will be spread across the game map, and transform into new spawn points depending on which team manages to capture them. The challenge comes in trying to retain at least one spawn point at all times, while shutting out the opposing team so they can no longer respawn after dying: effectively rendering you the robed victor. I’m also happy to report that the series’ trademark “friendly fire” mechanic will make another appearance, and most likely be a deciding factor if the wizards on your team will actually remain your friends or not.

Magicka: Wizard Wars

In speaking with Joystiq about the newly-announced project, John Hargelid, the Executive Vice President at Paradox North explained that while Magicka: Wizard Wars is very skill-based and caters more towards a hardcore audience, that’s not to say it won’t appeal to more casual wizards as well: “At the same time, anyone who hasn’t played this type of game before can simply be satisfied by gameplay. It’s quite simple to get into it and it’s not this 40-minute game mode you have to learn what the progression looks like and halfway through, you’ll know if you lost or won.” Because of this emphasis on skill sets, the developers have been very adamant in pointing out that Wizard Wars is not exactly a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, or MOBA.

Like its predecessors, Magicka: Wizard Wars is expected to launch on PC platforms, and it’s still up in the air as to whether the game will be adopting the popular free-to-play model or not. Be sure to keep checking back here on Gamezebo, as we hope to get some more updates on Wizard Wars like early gameplay footage or an estimated release window during this week’s GDC event.