When compared to other conferences, GDC is fairly light on big announcements. King.com clearly didn’t get the memo, though, as they’ve just announced that they’re changing their name to King and releasing two new entries in the Saga series.

The two new games, Papa Pear Saga and Farm Heroes Saga, are available now on Facebook, and coming soon to iOS and Android. Like previous Saga titles, each will offer cross-platform play between mobile and social platforms.

Papa Pear Saga is described in its press release as “an inventive reinterpretation of the iconic Japanese Pachinko games.” The goal in each level is to launch a character known as Papa Pear into as many objects as possible before he lands in one of several buckets at the bottom of the playing field. The game features 60 levels and three different game modes.


Papa Pear Saga


The second game is Farm Heroes Saga, a match-3 game where players are tasked with stopping Rancid the industrialist raccoon from laying waste to all the world’s farms. Is it just me or is this game trying to convey some kind of message? Regardless, what little I saw of Farm Heroes Saga gives me the inkling that it will be another match-3 hit for King.

Speaking of success, if GDC is anything to go by, this past year has been a great one for the company. The lanyard my press pass is attached to is covered in Candy Crush Saga art, and moments ago I spotted several people in candy-shaped suits handing out jelly beans. Possibly apropos of nothing, but more likely a sign that the company is doing quite well.

We’ll be in attendance at a King event later tonight, where we hope to get some hands-on time with both of the new games. You can expect reviews to follow in the days ahead, and we’ll be certain to keep you in the loop if the company announces anything more during the conference.