Grubs needs homes too

Winter is kind of a jerk. It makes things cold, covers a decent chunk of the world in snow, and lays waste to undeserving plant life. The characters of Greedy Grub have been forced to learn this the hard way. Their home, The Forest, has been wiped away by the harsh cold of winter, and it’s the player’s job to bring things back to normal.

Those who have played the past Pixowl game Doodle Grub will likely recognize the protagonist of Greedy Grub. He’s something of a mascot for the studio, and an adorable one at that. His role in Greedy Grub is to assist the mayor of The Forest with planting trees, setting up buildings, and doing everything in his power to restore their home to its former glory.

The developers provided me with a brief demonstration of the game during GDC, and the visuals were the first thing to leap out at me. Greedy Grub doesn’t shy away from being vibrant, and its characters, buildings, and just about everything else in the game are all the better for it. Who knew a pawnbroker rat could look so great?

Greedy Grub

And unlike many sim games in the mobile market, this one has a story to tell. As players progress in their mission of repairing The Forest, they unlock more pieces of the narrative. I was informed that non-paying players can finish it in a few months, and those who crack open their wallets could finish it in as little as two weeks. The end of the story, however, does not denote the end of the game. You can carry on with daily quests, and there will also be additional story content in later episodes of the game.

In all, Greedy Grub struck me as a game with a lot of potential. I’ve grown somewhat tired of city management games as of late, but if any title were to reel me back in, it would probably be this one. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough, since the game is expected to launch worldwide in mid-April.