Justice League of Legends

If you want a good example of what’s awesome and what’s mind-bogglingly silly about comic book super heroes in one story, DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis is a great example. If you’d rather just play as those heroes and alternate versions of them in multiplayer battles, here’s some good news: Turbine is revving up to hit us with its own Infinite Crisis, a free-to-play game that merges MOBA mechanics with the incredible diversity of the DC Multiverse.

Yes that’s Multiverse, as in multiple. Infinite Crisis will allow players to use versions of famous heroes and villains from throughout the 52 parallel Earths that inhabit DC’s fictional universe. The launch website has already revealed a few, including the Prime “New 52” Earth, a Nightmare world where heroes like Batman have become twisted monsters, a Gaslight Earth where super powers emerged in the Victorian era, and an Atomic planet where Superman’s arrival precipitated a catastrophic nuclear war.

It’s a great framework for a MOBA, opening up numerous possibilities for the same characters to play in different ways. For comic book junkies like yours truly, it’s a bit of a dream come true. Turbine is promising new champions will be added to the mix every month, and there’s no reason there shouldn’t be a good mix of alternate takes on the icons and lesser known but still viable b-listers. There already seems to be a lot of thought put into the different roles and play styles certain heroes should have, with Flash’s abilities geared toward hit-and-run tactics and Doomsday’s skills favoring a more, shall we say, direct approach.

Infinite Crisis

Though it’s an uphill battle establishing a presence in a genre dominated by the League of Legends phenomenon, the developers are hinting at some creative gameplay elements that might help. Along with an ongoing storyline that presents a threat to the entire Multiverse, individual games can be impacted by map-altering events, the ability to use environmental objects as weapons, and even the opportunity to change the map lanes themselves during play.

This was already shaping up to be a fun year for super hero video games thanks to the Injustice fighting game hitting consoles in the spring and the Marvel Heroes MMO coming to PC this summer. If Infinite Crisis can deliver on the MOBA front, it could be a full-on comic geek overload. Head on over and apply for a shot at closed beta access now, and click on the ‘Follow’ button at the top of this article for more info about the planned fall launch – no matter which of the 52 Earths you call home.