Jagex has formally announced today what many die-hard RuneScape fans have been expecting: RuneScape 3 will be releasing this summer. In conjunction with this exciting and highly anticipated news, Jagex has also released an announcement trailer for the game, which functions as a “Behind the Scenes” feature, and a means of showing off the new bells and whistles in the upcoming installment.

But what’s interesting though is that RuneScape 3 is not exactly a “sequel”in the way that gamers have come to know the word. Instead, the planned third installment in the popular MMO franchise will involve a huge revamping of the existing RuneScape universe, with massive and continuous updates that are set to change the game world as RuneScape fans have come to know it.

Perhaps the biggest improvement for the browser-based sequel will be the shift from Java to the newly emergent HTML5 platform. The power of HTML5 will not only bring better graphics and a faster performance to the Runescape universe, but also enable the developers to equip the game with an updated audio engine capable of outputting high fidelity sound, and an even better draw distance in the game’s presentation.

Other known gameplay-specific changes that will come from the Runescape 3 updates are said to include a greater emphasis on narrative storylines, system tweaking for agility, runecrafting, and fletching skills, and among many others, a new clothes editing system for you fashionable quest-goers out there. And luckily, for those of us who already sunk days and months of our lives into our respective RuneScape ventures, player characters will be fully transferable into Runescape 3, and you can still run the game on your old Java computers as well if you want to.

The first of these title updates that will bring about the era of RuneScape 3 is slated for release in summer 2013. In the meantime, Jagex is planning on releasing another feature video next week, that’s focused on what the new HTML5 platform will mean for you, the gamer, in RuneScape updates going forward.