Has your iDevice seemed a bit dragon-less lately? It’s one of the worst feelings known to man, but fortunately Social Point is here to fix it. Earlier today the studio released Facebook juggernaut Dragon City on iOS, thus resolving the dragon deficiency the platform has long suffered from. To learn more about the game’s mobile debut—such as how good the dragons will look on a retina display—we spoke with Jacob Kruger, Social Point’s mobile marketing manager.

Being the inquisitive blokes we are, the first thing we wanted to know was whether there would be any sort of cross-platform connectivity. Kruger was happy to explain.

“The gameplay, graphics and look and feel are the same and the two versions will be completely synced when it comes to virtual currency, progress and experience levels. You can start breeding your dragons at home on your desktop, and then, when you have to leave you continue on your iPhone,” Kruger told us in an email. This is very similar to what King.com has done with their Saga games, and something we’ll likely see a lot more with mobile/social games in the future.


But despite this parity, Kruger mentioned that he felt the dragons “look even better on iPad.” And while this in itself is a good enough reason for Social Point to bring the game to mobile devices, there was more to the decision than just that.

“The mobile version enhances the experience for users who already play the Facebook version: Now they can play wherever they are. At the same time it allows us to cater to the users who only play on mobile devices, and don’t like playing on desktop,” Kruger informed us. I’m willing to wager plenty of people reading this article fall into the latter camp, and that’s okay! Not everyone wants their grandparents to know how much help they need on their virtual farm/park/what have you, and that crowd can play the mobile version without worrying.


And Social Point has more planned for Dragon City than just a mobile version. Kruger told us that they’re currently at work on improving the PvP, as well as providing players with more magical islands. And, as per usual, they’re paying attention to what kinds of dragons players would like to see in the game. Personally, I’d love to see a scaly, iPad-shaped dragon. Synergy!

While Dragon City will be making its mobile debut on iOS, an Android version is also in the works. According to Kruger, it will be released “in the end of 2013.” So, try as you may, you really can’t escape the threat of virtual dragons. They’re primed and ready to incinerate you with their virtual fire, be you an Apple fanatic or Google faithful. Dragons don’t judge.