In space, no one can hear you scream.

If there’s one thing the iTunes App Store could always use more of, it’s sci-fi horror games. These are the games that make us stay up playing them at all hours of the night, and then be thankful that our iPads have a nice and safe backlight for after we’re done. Well lucky for us, we now have an ambitious new episodic horror-adventure game called Abducted to look forward to.


The game is being developed by Sunside Games, a small independent company whose first title was the unique and very stylish top-down adventure game Crow. Set in a frightening and mysterious alien world, six episodes are currently planned for Abducted, with the first set to release this summer, and the other five following sometime after. Sunside co-founder Richard Cowgill has shown incredible excitement for the iOS-exclusive project, stating “[the game is] incredibly beautiful running on Apple’s mobile platform. We really believe it’s going to be one of the best games for the iPhone and iPad.”

In the press release, Sunside tells us that Abducted will combine “action, mystery, and horror with a focus on pacing, cinematic storytelling and exploration,” and that “the player is forced to fight to survive in a mysterious alien world.” The game is also being powered by an updated version of Sunside’s in-house game platform Radiance, and judging from those first screenshots, it looks like mobile gamers will be in for a visual treat. Little else is known about the title right now, but then again, it wouldn’t be scary if we knew everything that was in store!


The incredibly atmospheric (and not to mention creepy) trailer for Abducted: Episode 1 shows a nameless female character waking up in a strange and alien world, that’s full of crawling bugs, wild overgrowth, and a breathtaking view of an asteroid field. She has no idea how she got there, and worst of all, she has no idea how to get out. The trailer ends with a cryptic computer message to our heroine: “You don’t want to be here.” Well maybe she doesn’t, but from a gamer’s perspective, I most certainly do!