Is Pili Pili the distant, featherless relative of Toki Tori?

The Game Atelier, publisher of all things indie and supporter of the bizarre, has another treat lined up for us at the end of this month.  Pili Pili Rush tells the story of Pili Pili, a pink egg-toting…something, whose mission of pre-bird collection will take him around the world and to the very gates of hell.     

This potential visit to hell, as well as Pili Pili’s rosy hue and pointy ears, leads me to conjecture he is some sort of impish devil creature.  However, the fact that he is collecting these eggs at the behest of his firebird pal, Minka, indicates he may be thieving with noble intentions.  Unless Minka is also evil—in which case we can always fall back on the fact that Pili Pili is adorable (especially while dressed in multiple costume options, including a fox disguise), so no one can blame you for helping him.

Although Pili Pili’s organic composition and the reason Minka needs so many eggs are currently shrouded in mystery, gameplay video and screenshots have demonstrated Pili Pili Rush will be a fast-paced puzzle platformer.  Pili Pili will need to snag all of the eggs on a given level before time runs out, dodging or using hazards and helpers that range from confused bunnies to multi-eyed spiders, swinging axes to werewolf hellhounds.  Switches, doors, chests, and more will act as potential stoppers that must be activated or collected in the correct order to ensure every egg reaches Minka’s craterous nest.  Each level looks jam-packed with items and creatures that must be thoughtfully dealt with in a very limited amount of time as Pili Pili runs and jumps his way through them all.

Pili Pili Rush

All of this is wrapped up in the colorful, cartoonish graphics some players may recognize from last year’s Aero DogPili Pili Rush is the second game from developer Tim & Snoof, whose Aero Dog pit a team of flying, projectile-spewing dogs against an army of space mice in side-scrolling arcade shooter fashion.  Aero Dog‘s charming randomness and attention to detail appear to be making a return in Pili Pili Rush, but with fewer dogs and more…pink pointy things. 

Whatever Pili Pili turns out to be, we can’t wait to play with him later this month.