Indie Royale’s Debut Bundle was tailor-made for people who adore shiny new things. Some of the games in it are completely new, others are the first releases from developers, and others yet are debuting on a new platform. Take that, older games!

For those unfamiliar with how Indie Royale works, it’s a weekly promotion where people can pitch in whatever they like (so long as it’s above the current minimum), and receive a bundle of games in return. It’s a cost-effective way of buffing up the collection on your Mac or PC, and as an added bonus, the games in the bundles are usually great!

If you require proof of their greatness, feast your eyes on the games available in the Debut Bundle:

  • McDROID (+ songs) – Despite its name, McDROID has nothing to do with McDonalds. It’s actually a fast-paced RTS with vibrant visuals, unique characters, and Big Macs. I’m lying about one of those three things.
  • Cognition Episode 1: The Hangman (+ comic) – A point-and-click adventure game that, while flawed, manages to tell a compelling story.
  • CloudPhobia – A shoot ’em up featuring gorgeous old school visuals, endless action, and an absurd amount of bullets. So. Many. Bullets.
  • Master of Alchemy – Rise of the Mechanologists – As its name so cleverly hints at, Master of Alchemy is a game about manipulating the elements to solve a variety of puzzles. Three cheers for science!
  • Wimp: Who Stole My Pants? (+ songs) – A 2D platformer with a heavy emphasis on physics puzzles. And pants.
  • 6180 the moon (+ soundtrack) – Like Wimp, 6180 the moon is a 2D platformer. Unlike Wimp, 6180 the moon grants players the trippy ability of leaping above the screen and showing up on the bottom, and vice-versa.

Those who pitch in $8 or more will also receive Motorway, a full-length chiptune album by artist Fearofdark.