You’ve played the arcade classic Breakout before, but you probably haven’t played a version of it that spans several 3D levels and forces you to negotiate your way around countless tricks and traps. You definitely haven’t played a version of the game that calls on you and your paddle to save the world from an alien virus. It’s time to embrace your new responsibility and step up to the challenge of Caromble!, a Breakout/pinball cross-breed being developed for PC, Linux, and Mac and (hopefully) distributed on Steam. All it needs is your Greenlight vote.

Caromble! features 24 levels decked out with great graphics and real-time physics. The camera zooms in and out as it follows the action and stretch across fast-paced action/arcade levels as well as slower, more thoughtful puzzle levels.

As is typical for a Breakout-style game, there’s stuff you need to destroy. Reaching your target is easy enough in the early levels, but as you progress, the challenge grows along with the size of each level. Before long, your ball is scooting up ramps, navigating traps, and travelling across several tiers stacked in a single level. Luckily, some good ol’ Breakout power-ups make a return, including growing paddles, multiballs, and extra lives. Keep an eye out for some new help too, like cannons, jumping balls, and the ability to play in slow-motion.


Crimson Owl is an indie studio that put together Caromble! around the staff’s regular jobs. Some hooky may have been involved. Shh. If all goes well, Caromble! should be available Q2 2013.

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