The creator of Cave Story is set to take you on another side-scrolling adventure.

In the fertile mind of indie developer Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya, frogs can wield guns—and they’re not afraid to use them. Pixel is the one-man team behind the frankly brilliant action game Cave Story, so it’s impossible not to get excited about his newest title, an iOS side-scroller called Gero Blaster.

Gero Blaster‘s hero, Kaeru, is an amphibious hero who travels around the world to rescue his kidnapped kitty girlfriend (love between the furry and the furless—respect it). Kitty appears to have been yoinked away by aliens, so Kaeru is packing heat and performing retrieval.


Early videos and screenshots indicate that Gero Blaster has a lot in common with its predecessor, Cave Story, including its chunky retro visuals and toe-tapping chiptune soundtrack. Some of the background tiles and environments from the previous game make a comeback as well, to say nothing of weapons. Did you ever use the Bubbler in Cave Story? If not, maybe you’ll learn to love it in Gero Blaster.

Gero Blaster‘s brief trailer shows off some interesting plot points too, like hooded beasts and UFOs. Cave Story is a cutesy-looking game, but it features a surprisingly deep and dark story. Will Kaeru’s adventure take him to the murkiest depths of his swampy soul? Maybe not—but don’t be surprised if you get a decent story out of the game.

Gero Blaster

Gero Blaster comes to iOS this spring. Nicalis, a US-based developer and publisher, ported Cave Story to the Nintendo 3DS last year, and it recently brought another Pixel game, Ikachan, to the portable as well. If this tweet is anything to go by, it looks like we’ll be seeing Gero Blaster on Nintendo’s three-dimensional handheld, too.