A lot of game developers use randomness to add variety to their creations. With Crayon Chronicles from Outer Grid Games, that randomness is taken to the extreme. Currently seeking a final funding push on Kickstarter, the creative action RPG is built around the idea of a randomly generated world where everything is new each time you play. Just like a kid playing with crayons on the living room floor, each time you sit down you never know what will happen!

The story revolves around the main character’s friends getting kidnapped by the evil Stratolustrious Von Danderbeak the 37th, Lord of the Swampyards. Strato for short. Naturally you’re out to rescue your pals, and over the course of your adventure you’ll encounter 50 unique enemy types, explore 13 different environments, and find over 200 pieces of gear to equip, such as helmets, armor, and main weapons.

Crayon Chronicles takes a pretty simple tack when it comes to creating a role playing game, dropping most of the usual complexities in favor of a repeatable core experience that’s lighthearted and fun. The team estimates each playthrough will last between two and four hours, but since everything is randomized, no two playthroughs will be the same. Furthermore, Crayon Chronicles tracks your stats while you play, giving you a little insight into your adventures that can be shared and compared with friends.


Crayon Chronicles is really going all-out to set things up for a fantastic single player adventure. The game is planned for an initial PC release and will eventually hit Xbox Live Indie Games.

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