Battle demons and zombies with the mighty power of dice in Hell Quest: Tears of God.

Game sites typically don’t hand out awards for dramatic game titles, but if 2013 is the year they start, Hell Quest: Tears of God for iOS should sweep an easy win. This epic-sounding piece of work from Smuttlewerk and Forest Moon Games is actually a dice-driven RPG. Hey, if you’re already stuck in hell, you may as well roll them sinful bones.

Hell Quest: Tears of God is based on “Farkle,” a popular dice game that rewards the first player to roll a total, usually 10,000. Farkle started life ages ago, and has also been known as Greed, Hot Dice, and Squelch, to name just a few monikers.

Succeeding at Hell Quest: Tears of God similarly requires a blend of luck and chance. You choose a warrior and battle demons and other lost souls by rolling dice and inflicting them with the effects. Certain rolls hit them with damage, whereas other rolls restore your health and status.

Hell Quest: Tears of God

There are boss critters, of course—called “Wardens”—and they have their own special dice that you can win and collect. You know their dice is special because it’s all black and spiky and stuff.

Hell Quest: Tears of God will be out later this month as a free-to-play title. This is a golden opportunity for you to tell someone to go to Hell, and to mean it in the kindest way possible.