Games with titles that suit them always make me smile, so a beat ’em up called Combo Crew is guaranteed to make me grin. The Game Bakers’ upcoming mobile game will allow players to battle through waves of enemies either solo or co-op to reach the top of a tower in the style of classic brawlers. Combos, you say? Yes, I think so.

Using legendary arcade games like Street Fighter and Final Fight as inspiration, The Game Bakers are giving it their all to update the brawler experience for iOS and Android devices. Mostly, this means getting the controls right since there’s no joystick or d-pad. The developers have come up with a system of swipes, taps and multi-finger gestures that they hope will be intuitive and responsive enough to handle all of the action the game serves up.

Said action will revolve around three combatants who have to bash their way through a tower to free themselves from imprisonment by the bad guys. Asynchronous co-op play means that when one of your buddies is defeated in a certain spot, you’ll be able to jump in and pick up where he left off. And since the game is platform agnostic, it won’t even matter if you’re playing on an iPhone and he’s doing his fighting on a Galaxy Note II – except his screen will be bigger.

Fittingly, a super combo meter will charge up until you decide to unleash its power on your enemies. And if the regular mode doesn’t give you quite enough mobile martial arts mayhem, an endless mode will set you up with all of the foes you’d ever care to face.

The Game Bakers have a background in AAA console games and have already shepherded SQUIDS to five-star success (at least here on Gamezebo), so if they’re excited about Combo Crew, then we’re excited too. Fight your way to the top of the page and smack the ‘Follow’ button  or check out the game’s Facebook page to find out when it’s ready to explode onto your smartphone or tablet.