Buy your favorite real-world shops and compete for neighborhood retail with Tiny Tycoons.

Tiny Tycoons is a “geo social game”—a social game that’s based around real-world geography. Instead of building up an imaginary city from scratch, you can essentially turn your neighborhood into a digital game of Monopoly: Businesses in your region become purchasable and sellable, and you can lord over all of them with an iron fist. Maybe you can even do something about your favorite bakery’s roach problem while you’re at it, yes?

The nice thing about Tiny Tycoons is that your vision of conquest isn’t limited to your own neighborhood. If you’re a travellin’ man or woman, you can buy up sushi restaurants in Japan, boulangeries in France, and all the Tim Hortons coffee shops in Canada (bring the Canucks to their knees!). Here’s the kicker: Only one person can “own” a particular store or restaurant, so you need to grab property while you have a chance. You can also negotiate, or team up with your pals to take over entire blocks of shops. Then you can send out goons to demand tribute from the hapless shopkeepers (kidding).

In time, Tiny Tycoons will also offer lots of customization options for your avatar and for the world that you mold in your own image. It’s no fun owning half the world unless you can mark your territory in new, exciting, and potentially vulgar ways.

Tiny Tycoons

Tiny Tycoons is coming to iOS soon. In the meantime, gorge at every restaurant within a fifty mile radius in order to determine if it’s worth taking over.