Space Qube is a voxel-based, retro-styled shooter that doesn’t just let you blow things up – it lets you to create them, too.

The upcoming Space Qube promises to work on two levels. On the surface, it’s a simple, fun shooter in which players control a space ship and try to shoot down as many aliens as possible. There are boss fights and various sorts of power-ups, and rather than using one of those annoying virtual thumbpads that everyone hates (well, I hate them), the whole thing is controlled simply by tilting your device.

But the game will also come with an integrated “workshop,” and this is where things promise to get really interesting. The workshop allows players to create all-new models with layers of voxels in a process that, based on the workshop video tutorial on YouTube, is really quite simple as these things go. Once made, voxel models can be shared through the Internet, email or Facebook, and the Space Qube website will catalog all uploaded voxel models, which can be viewed with a browser built into the game.

A bunch of voxel creations are already up on the Space Qube beta website and they’re actually quite impressive. You’re not going to design the next Taj Mahal with this thing, but based on the examples shown the workshop looks like a pretty powerful tool for those who want to put the effort into mastering it. And for the opportunity to cruise through space and blow up bad guys in a heavily-armed flying toilet, I think it might be time well spent.

Space Qube

Space Qube is currently in beta, but is expected to hit the App Store “soon.” Versions for Android and Windows 8 are also being developed, and other platforms are expected to be announced in the future.