It’s not easy to make your way to Oz (its public transportation is made entirely of tornadoes and is terribly unreliable as a result), which is why Disney is bringing Oz to you. This week, some of Disney’s social games are getting an update to reflect the theatrical release of Oz The Great and Powerful. Players are able to access lots of fashions and accessories from the home of the Yellow Brick Road.

For starters, Facebook’s Disney City Girl is offering outfits and gowns from the movie, including Glinda’s billowing dress and Theodora’s wicked and western ensemble. A flying monkey named Finley is also on-hand to guide you through an Oz-themed mission, which can net you some furniture and accessories inspired by the film.

Blackwood & Bell Mysteries, which is on Facebook as well as mobile, is likewise getting Ozzy with a limited “Oz the Great and Powerful” Gem Chapter. You need to dig up hidden objects in unusual settings like the Yellow Brick Road, the Great Forest, and the Tornado.

Warning: If you should find yourself in a real tornado, do not attempt to find hidden objects. Simply curl into a ball and pray to the deity of your choice.