After expanding the vocabularies of Mac and iOS users everwhere, Zach Gage’s SpellTower is revving up to offer the same help to Android users this Thursday. Now’s the time to throw away all those ratty thesauruses!

Players can expect a direct port of the iOS experience, with high score lists handled via ScoreLoop, and multiplayer through local Wi-Fi. And if you harbor any concerns as to whether your phone or tablet can run it, it sounds like you’re probably in the clear: in all, the game will support over 1,800 devices (including all of those in the Kindle family).

If you’re so much as a casual fan of word games, then you really need to play SpellTower. It plucks elements from the classic games of Tetris and Boggle and weaves them together into a stylish, addictive experience. Genre enthusiasts will also be happy to know that it’s pretty darn challenging.

Well, either that or I’m just bad at word games.