Why have a stuffy, grid-based defense game when you can put all the action on back of a gigantic dinosaur-like creature? Roaming Fortress does precisely that, combining action and strategy elements in a 2D sidescrolling game of conquer and defend. Roaming Fortress features several dozen levels split between three unique maps, and several more are already in the works. The game is currently available for iPad 2 and Android tablets, but developer YETi CGI is promising some nice visual and interface upgrades for the PC release if the Greenlight project goes through.

Many years ago, the kingdom of Manatalopia stretched across the desert and provided a haven for countless people. But then the Goblin Horde attacked, destroying everything in their path as they cut their way from village to village. The brave Manatalopian Knights stepped forth, promising to defend the empire to the last man. Now, with their resources thin and their backs against the wall, the knights loaded their last fortress onto the back of a burdenbeast and set out to crush the Goblin Horde once and for all.


Roaming Fortress cuts quite the dramatic tale, and the gameplay steps up to match every step of the way. As the unofficial manager of all that is Manatalopian, set squads to various tasks then place targets on the battlefield. Soldiers automatically carry out orders at the appropriate time, freeing you up to customize and upgrade the moving fortress, leaving a trail of destruction in the burdenbeast’s wake. Take that, Goblin Horde!


The Steam Greenlight project hopes to push out the PC version by Q2 2013. Some of the upgrades promised include additional visual effects, higher quality graphics, particles, and hot keys for easy access to the game’s commands.

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