If you’re not familiar with the name Rumble Entertainment yet, you soon will be.  The company has just launched KingsRoad, a game that pulls off the seemingly impossible feat of bringing quality Diablo-style gameplay to your browser and Facebook for the wonderful price of free.

There are a lot of things about that pitch that sound great, but you’d expect it to falter in the execution.  We’ve been playing it for a few days here at Gamezebo, and we can honestly say it doesn’t.  In fact, KingsRoad is exceeding all of our expectations.  You can stay tuned for our full review (coming later this week) to learn more, but why wait when you can get in on the action right now?

Sure, you could stop reading right here and start playing immediately – but to do so would be foolish.  After all, it’s dangerous to go alone! Courtesy of Rumble Entertainment, Gamezebo will be giving away Starter Packs between now and March 8th that will automatically add the following potions to your inventory;

  • 2 Temporal Potions (Reduces skill cooldown times for 10 minutes)
  • 1 Luck Potion (Increases the number of gold and item drops for 10 minutes)
  • 3 Rejuvenation Potions (Fully restore health and mana)

How can you get one?  We’ll be posting up links on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ completely at random over the next few days.  If you’re the first person to click a link, you’ll get the potions; it’s as simple as that!

And if you’re looking for players to group up with, be sure to post your Rumble ID in our forums.  You never know – a few Starter Packs might sneak their way into there, too.  😉