Only the best of the best can be crowned champion of the castle

Castle Champions is a tower-building/RPG hybrid that challenges you to build and manage a great castle in a chaotic fantasy realm. And what’s a castle without an army? You’ll assemble your forces from nine different classes, including the Mage, Crusader, Paladin, Archer and Swordsman, and then recruit one of six unique heroes, each with a unique ability, to lead it. Your army will be kept busy defending your castle from invading forces, and you’ll also be able to send your warriors out on an endless number of quests to bring in more gold and resources.

Castles can boast more than 40 rooms in all, including restaurants, banks and casinos, but everything costs money. That’s where your citizens come in: By attracting guests to your castle and then assigning them a class, you convert them into productive citizens who work in the businesses located in your castle, generating valuable coin and crystals.

Between the challenges of castle management, virtually unlimited questing and both Amateur and Pro leagues in which to compete, Castle Champions looks like the sort of game that could keep players busy for an awfully long time. Watch for it to come out on March 14 as a universal iOS app, and also for Android devices.