Play mini golf online with friends without having to stick your hand in some scuzzy water trap.

Golf was invented in 15th century Scotland. It took a while, but the game was made significantly more majestic with the conception of miniature golf and putt-putt. Only a genius mind could have determined that the sport of gentlemen needed some plastic dinosaurs and windmills to make it cook. Mini Golf MatchUp uplifts golf to an even higher plane: It’s a mini-golf game that you can play on iOS and Android devices alongside your friends.

Mini Golf MatchUp features over 75 holes scattered across five courses. Each hole is guarded by objects and animals that aim to stop you from getting a hole-in-one (or even par), and they take their job very seriously. Be prepared to do battle with crocodiles and squid—and no, you can’t just take a golf club to their heads.

Golf is no fun when you’re alone, which is why you can play Mini Golf MatchUp with your friends. You can hook up via the game’s SMS, or with Facebook. The competition is carried out through unlimited alternating rounds. When you’re not shooting, you can use the in-game chatting service to bug your rival as they line up their shot. We recommend typing the word “AIRHORN” over and over whenever they’re making a difficult putt.

Mini Golf MatchUp     Mini Golf MatchUp

You don’t have to hang around and watch your friend inevitably sink shot after shot under par, though. You can just meander away and let push notifications let you know when it’s your turn.

Mini Golf MatchUp is coming soon to iOS and Android. Keep an eye on those little windmills: They’re planning something.