Anomaly 2: Because the best defense will ALWAYS be a good offense

11 bit studios have popped the lid off their next top-secret project this morning by formally announcing Anomaly 2, a larger-than-life sequel to the company’s award-winning real-time strategy game Anomaly: Warzone Earth.

The sequel takes place a few years after Earth was invaded in 2018, leaving the planet overrun by alien machines. Players will take command of a large convoy called Yukon and scour the frozen tundra looking for food and supplies; all while battling ruthless alien machines of course.

In the official press release, 11 bit promises Anomaly 2 will deliver a “hardcore real-time strategy experience with exceptional tactical variety, intense multiplayer and remarkable visuals.” Judging by the debut game trailer, I’d say that’s a pretty accurate statement. Clocking in at exactly 1-minute long, the video features some gorgeous cinematic cut scenes, coupled with a gritty voiceover narrative about the fate of the Earth. In the few released screenshots of the game so far, we see players commanding their mechs through snowy canyons, decrepit highways, and viscous jungles covered in plant overgrowth, and battling an army of ugly-looking tentacled creatures and a “mechanized alien tendril of destruction.” Yikes!

Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2

The tower offense RTS will introduce a number of exciting new features that build off the core concepts of the original Anomaly: Warzone Earth, such as incorporating over one million different tactical combinations to manage your squad, and a unique Tower Defense vs. Tower Offense multiplayer experience. The game will also have multiple alternate endings, which are unlocked based on how you approach the enemy machines throughout the campaign. And the whole thing is powered by an improved visual engine, which really lets those alien tendrils pop right off the screen.

We rated the original Anomaly: Warzone Earth an impressive 4 ½ stars out of five when we reviewed the game back in 2011 (and the 2012 spin-off was no slouch either), so I can only imagine even greater things in store from this sure-to-be exciting sequel. Anomaly 2 is expected to launch sometime in Q2 2013 for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, at a starting price of $14.99. But if you still need a bit more Anomaly in your life until then, 11 bit has released the first in a series of behind the scenes video blogs about the development of Anomaly 2, which you can check out right here.