Think you have a talent with words? Letter Rush wants you to prove it.

Don’t rush letters, man. Letters love to live low and lazy, and if you push them along, they get pretty irritable. There’s one exception: consonants enjoy moving swiftly in Letter Rush, an iOS game by Proletariat (a studio built up from the ashes of Zynga Boston, which shut down in October of 2012). If you fail to act quickly and spell out the indicated words, your game is over. Oh letters. Why are you so cruel?

Letter Rush is a word-finding game with a frantic twist. As words scroll across the top of the screen, you need to hunt for and input each word on a grid of letters placed on the bottom half of the screen. Problem is, more than one word scrolls by at a time, and the pace really picks up as you progress.

If you manage to spell out a word, it disappears from the top of the screen. If you’re not fast enough with your fingertips, the word hits the left side of the screen and begins to gnaw away at the protective barrier that stands between you and failure. Lest you forget: Letters are cruel.

Letter Rush hits iOS soon.