You’d think the gods would learn to get along at some point

Don’t you hate it when the Old Gods and the New Gods decide to throw down over the fate of your world? Yeah, me too. Sega and Gogogic want to make sure we aren’t just pawns, whipping up Godsrule: War of Mortals to allow us to have some say in our fate. Because if mastering cross-platform RTS action won’t show the gods who’s boss, nothing will.

Though Godsrule doesn’t name any particular Old Gods involved in this fight, the backstory draws from a pretty cool (and now widely known, thanks to the Avengers movies) aspect of Norse mythology. The battle between the Old and New pantheons has split the World Tree, sending its splinters raining down on the mortal world. In a bit of a twist on what you might expect, the humans have sided with the Old Gods while creatures of legend like elves, giants and demons battle in the name of the New Gods. Not the Kirby ones, though.

The Keepers of the Ancient represent the Old faction with units that prefer a more straightforward, smash-mouth style. In contrast, the Souls of Ascension represent the New with a focus on more magic and chicanery. You can pick either side as you battle for control of the various continents on the world map.

While PvP combat is definitely the game’s selling point, there’s plenty to do when you aren’t matching wits with other players. You begin with a small plot of land on which to build resource-producing structures, though you’ll be able to clear out more of the surroundings so you have room to expand. Occasionally you’ll come across single player dungeons that need to be explored, giving you a chance to test out your tactics and gain more resources to pour into your army.

Godsrule: War of Mortals

If you’re the type that gets intimidated by the frantic pace of most RTS games, you’ll probably be relieved to hear that the control scheme is simple, and there are several nice touches – like speech bubbles that tell you exactly what order each unit is carrying out – that help keep everything clear. And since multiplayer battles and clan support are both parts of the package, this is one war you won’t have to worry about fighting alone.

Godsrule: War of Mortals is currently in open beta, and you can sign up for free by visiting It’s currently playable on browsers only, but the plan is for players to be able to switch back and forth between PC and iPad at their leisure once the bugs are ironed out. If you’d prefer to let us do the work (we don’t mind – it’s what we do!), you can click the ‘Follow’ button up top to find out when the official launch is imminent.