It’s the middle of the work week, which means the App Store is about to turn into a virtual buffet of brand new games. And, unlike real buffets, there’s a decent chance you’ll walk away from this one without an overpowering sense of shame. No promises, though.

For those unaware, Wednesday night is basically Christmas on the App Store. There are occasional droughts—and sometimes a piece or two of coal in the proverbial stocking—but more often than not an assortment of excellent, high-profile games make their debut. Tonight’s no different, with anticipated titles like Real Racing 3 and AVP Evolution on the list of arrivals, as well as a couple platformers that feature adorable animals. Huzzah!


Real Racing 3It would probably be hyperbolic to say Real Racing 3 is a controversial game, but there’s been a whole lot of talk both positive and negative about it lately. It’s the first Real Racing game that’s free to play, and many fans harbor concerns about how this will affect its gameplay. We’ll be sure to let you know in our review, but seeing as how the game won’t cost anything to download, it’s probably worth checking out for yourself!


AVP: EvolutionMuch like dogs and postal workers, Aliens and Predators just don’t get along. This much was proven in both of the Alien vs. Predator films, but AVP: Evolution will hammer the point home even more.

This one is coming to us from Angry Mob Games, who also developed the Chillingo-published Predators.


Gravity DuckThere’s an abundance of retro puzzle-platformers on the App Store, yes, but how many of them feature an adorable duck? Better yet, how many of them were developed by Ravenous Games, a studio that’s proven their platformer chops with the excellent League of Evil? At the very least, I’d say this one’s worth keeping an eye on.


PenumbearIn Penumbear, players assume the role of a bear capable of walking on the lines where light and shadow join. It’s an interesting mechanic, and if the levels are designed in a way that keeps it feeling fresh, this could prove to be a mighty excellent 2D platformer.