Who knew a block-building game could be so intense?

Haven’t you ever just wished you could pull out a rocket launcher in Minecraft and do some serious explosive redecorating? It certainly would make farming for mob resources a heck of a lot easier! Well Foursaken Media seems to have heard your volatile prayers, as their upcoming mobile offering Block Fortress gives us a whole new look at the block-building genre.

Block Fortress combines the freedom and art style of creative block-builders like Minecraft, and mashes it together with the fast-paced action of a first-person shooter, as well as the tactical strategy of a tower defense game. And let me tell you, the debut gameplay trailer (shown below) just looks all sorts of awesome. You start off each round by floating around the game world and building up your fortress with deadly turrets and lasers in a number of wonderful environments, like snowy towers and serene hillside bunkers. Once everything is fortified to your liking, you can hop in on the action yourself and take out some baddies on foot with an arsenal of blocky side-arms.

The game is set to feature over 30 different building blocks, 16 turret block types, and a slew of in-game items you can build through an intricate crafting system like mining blocks and power generators. You’ll also be able to pick up dozens of power-ups that upgrade your character and weapons to help defend your Block Fortress from the invading Goblocks. And trust me: you’ll want to get rid of these goons as fast as you can, because those green, pointy-toothed Goblocks look seriously freaky!

Block Fortress

Touch Arcade has reported that Block Fortress will come with 3 different game modes, including the main Survival Mode, a Quick Play Mode, and a Casual Mode, where the resources are unlimited and the enemy waves are optional.

We’re already well aware that Foursaken Media knows its way around an action tower defense game, with last month’s fantastic Heroes and Castles, so I have some pretty high hopes for this one. In the meantime, you can polish off your cubic rocket launchers, and get ready to let your imagination run wild (and destructively) when Block Fortress lands on iOS devices on March 7, 2013.